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This is a combination of technical information and downloads related to Microsoft.NET technologies, as well as host to some more colourful personal items too. It contains technical resources such as links, free downloads, articles, white papers and other less technical items such as personal photo albums and a little bit of fun. Click on any of the heading items below to view their content.

Been playing with the ASP.NET MVC framework and Internet Explorer 8 Web Activities lately. As a result, there is a VS2008 solution you can download that comprises an ASP.NETMVC solution which will generate an IE8 web activity for you and optionally install it. Prior to that is the WCF custom authorization policy code in the .Net 2/3 section.

You will find that the PasswordManager application I wrote has been completely overhauled to provide a .Net 2.0 implementation using SecureStrings for its storage and AES for the password encryption. It has also been completely redesigned in a very modular fashion. So much so that you get a bare bones replacement WPF user interface with the supplied winforms standard UI to use! Its at version 3 so check it out, omplete with unit tests. I am also working on a new control for the AJAX Control Toolkit. The controls purpose is dynamically animate a site map navigation heirarchy and is called the AnimatedSiteMapMenu.

Note: I still have not done any extra work on this control. Slack I know....